Hi! I’m Amanda.

I’m a wife and mommy of two boys, Max & Gage! I’m also the former owner and operator of Orange County’s first baby and kid friendly office called Mommy Works.

We opened in Orange, CA in 2016 and our office was the product of personal need and positive encouragement from my husband.

I was in need of a few hours to myself so I could get work done and my son was in need of supervision and socialization with other kids.

My vision was to create a community center and work center for moms that would support them as they pursued their professional and personal goals.

We were able to achieve this vision to some degree with our prototype office in Orange, but ultimately the vision fell short and we had to close in May of 2017 due to some hard learned business lessons and unexpected health issues with my son Gage.

Now that Gage is a healthy 9 month old baby, I’d like to try and relaunch a new and improved work space , but this time with a crying baby and a screaming toddler in tow!

Follow my journey as I struggle to find my work baby balance!

Thanks! Bring more coffee!