PLAY & Learn

Play & Learn Room

Our supervisors ensure your child is safe and having an enriching experience.  

Supervisors watch and guide the children as they socialize and play to ensure all children are sharing and being kind to one another. 

Supervisors also go over age appropriate educational lessons like numbers, colors, shapes, and animals. Educational lessons and themes will change regularly. 

We also encourage reading! Supervisors will gather the children for storytime throughout the day.  

Safety & Good Health

We value safety and good health. We'll do our part to keep your child safe and healthy.  

To promote a safe and healthy environment we require: 

  • Background checks for playroom supervisors.
  • Vaccinations for children.
  • All guests must sign in.
  • No unaccompanied guests.

Play is Important

Play is important for your child's development. 

Our play & learn room gives you peace of mind that your child is doing something positive and constructive. 

"Play is essential to development because it contributes to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of children and youth."  

-- American Academy of Pediatrics, January 2007